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Jul 26, 2019 by Small Business Editor

Small Businesses are Relying on Email – A Lot!

The debate on how many emails your business should send to customers and clients is as old as email itself. Or so it seems sometimes. How many is too much? How few are not enough? You look one way and you get told you’re not sending enough. And in another direction, you hear the complete opposite. Well, some news this week may help shed some light on the confusion. Or maybe it’ll make it less clear. It’s hard to tell. The data we found comes from a new report titled, “2019 State of Conversational Marketing” and in it, we’re discovering that email seems to be making a comeback … again. Or did it ever go away?

In this study, it’s found that one-third of businesses said they sent more emails to customers last year. And the reason they sent more emails? They worked, of course. Now, there’s always going to be that fine line between just the right amount and too many emails. But if you’ve been using marketing emails to some success for a little while now, maybe this should encourage you to step up your efforts just a little more.

If you’ve built up a trust factor with your customers and clients, it’s likely you’ll get a little (and friendly) nudge from them when you may be crossing the line.