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Providing more benefit choices for your business...

Ascend Benefit Solutions Insurance Services, Inc. is a niche broker dedicated to providing the highest caliber of employee health benefit service consultation. We concentrate on what we are good at. We specialize in employee benefit packages and selectively target successful local and interstate business clients with a view to forming long mutually beneficial relationships.

To help clients reach their goals and objectives, Ascend Benefit Solutions Insurance Services has assembled a team of experts adept at designing innovative plans and products from an array of products which includes everything from fully insured to self-insured, as well as other increasingly popular options such as Healthcare Marketplace Exchanges. We invite you to contact our team to find out what we can offer for your consideration.


We simply do not sell insurance policies. We are highly skilled professionals who will take the time to understand the risks you face in your business. We provide sound advise, and excellent service. Because of our advanced technological capabilities, we are available to produce modern flexible delivery options to suit your requirements.


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Covered California: #5000003404

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Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) #16555518

Our Clients

Our clients vary in size from individuals to large and small businesses. Irrespective of the size of client base we maintain our core values and deliver smart insurance solutions. We can discuss the range and scope of our clients with you generally while all times maintaining our clients' confidentiality.

Health Care Reform

We know how important it is to our clients to stay current in legislation and compliance issues and we are dedicated to providing up-to-the-minute information as it relates to your business, employee communications and more.